Dungeons & Dragons


 Dungeons and Dragons

fuels players imaginations as they fight their way through an imaginary world. Bold heroic characters solve problems and fight as a team to defeat impossible foes.

In store games are free and available upon space during the game. Anyone is welcome to come observe one of our weekly games. We also sell all of the necessary elements to play D&D at home. We are willing to give advice on characters and game play.

  We are always looking for new DMs to run games in our store. If you are experienced and want to run something at G33k Out, let us know. We offer a nice little compensation package for active DMs.



Yugioh Saturdays

Starts at 6pm. All welcome to come play and trade. And if enough people want to enter for a tournament we will even run that for you.

Magic The Gathering

Magic The Gathering

We hold:

  • Friday Night Magic with a FREE Admission at 6:30PM. We hold both Standard and Draft events.
  • Saturday and Sunday drafting. If you have $12 and want to play more Magic this is the thing for you. Everyone gets 3 packs of cards and 1/2 a pack is added to the prize pool. This is more for Fun.
  • Mondays are Amonkhet League. Every player builds a 30 card deck from 3 packs. Every week a new pack can be added. Players play 1 round per person per day. For every 3 losses a pack can be added. For every 5 wins a pack can be added. Every day wins and losses are tallied. On Mondays prizes are awarded and packs can be added. Play happens anyday 2 or more league players are in store.
  • Tuesday House Rules Play. On Tuesdays we make the rules. This is a democratic society so we vote to see what rules will be applied week to week. We change rules to try to improve the game. These are in no way official games, but more for the fun of it.

If you are just looking for a place to play come on in and hang out whenever you like. You might meet another player.